Thursday, 20 November 2014

Next-Gen Dedicated Servers To Power Businesses more Efficiently

When it comes on keeping clients satisfied, it is necessary for businesses to implement and integrate the latest technologies in their servers and other infrastructure. To cope with the client demands, recently a discussion was held by some technology experts about the “Next-gen Servers” for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs).

But, how many of you know, what exactly is the next-gen server?

To simplify it, the term “next-gen” is nothing new but an Intel processor-based dedicated server with an increased processor speed, improved management features and more energy efficient as compare to the first-gen server. Though, the next-gen servers are not a one-size-fits-solution, however, it can provide a large number of benefits for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). The benefits include up to 40 percent cost savings due to low power consumption, greater efficient cooling, more compute power and ease of management.

The improved intelligence of the server and the applications it runs has lead to the outstanding features of the next-gen servers. With the first-gen or the traditional servers migrating applications from a testing phase to production usually takes days, weeks or even months, whereas, the next-gen servers can help you pass these phases in just few hours. With the next-gen servers, migrating and updating applications becomes a seamless process which can be performed without any downtime to the end user.

How to find out whether the next-gen servers are right for your business?

In order to find out whether the next-gen server technology is right for your business or not, you need to consider several factors.

  • Identification of the most compute power consuming applications is most necessary. Also, make a list of the mission-critical applications that helps in increasing your business revenue or decreases cost.
  • It is also necessary to plan out the traditional tower servers and blade servers that offers greater flexibility & scalability and can work more efficiently with the next-gen Intel processor-based servers.
  • Think about your future growth and identify whether you will require more compute power or the existing servers are sufficient to suffice your business demands. It is always better to make a decision based on the future requirements.
  • Remember that reform factor and the technology requirements are the key areas to consider when planning your business.
  • These servers with enhanced technology servers help in cutting costs and improve the management capabilities, minimizing the loads on the IT staff and greater savings for business.

Today, cloud servers come with such enhanced technologies, where you can seamlessly transition into networking and storage. If you are planning for such implementation in your business, then you might want to consider our VMware Cloud Server, which offers more reliability and scalability in order to achieve high performance as expected.

With Cloud solutions, there is zero downtime when scheduled maintenance is carried out, failover or when any upgrades and updates are performed. The VMware cloud features a superior infrastructure with greater flexibility at affordable prices.  It offers 99.995% uptime SLA, so there is no possibility for a site going down. The scalability offered in VMware cloud is the most important factor that makes this cloud hosting solution so special.

If your business is looking for such enhanced server technology, or if you are unable to decide which servers will be right for your business, allow our experts to analyze your needs and recommend a server that will best suit your business.

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