Friday, 20 December 2013

While choosing Cloud solutions

While choosing Cloud Storage solutions, organizations should bear five issues in mind:

1. Some security - encryption gateway must offer high-level data during storage in the cloud, and the actual transfer. Not all providers offer services in the cloud data encryption, so you should make sure that your data is safe before or during transmission.

2. Local cache - caching greatly improves performance and allows for rapid response to user requests. 85% of all requests for restoration of data takes place within 30 days from the date save the files – the local cache allows a much faster response and immediate recovery of data. Without the use of local memory each time you will be required to access data from the private cloud storage hosting solution, which may entail a fee to the cloud provider and the slow response of the system. It is important to choose products that offer additional space for storing data to eliminate data loss or interruption in the supply of services.

3. Deduplication and data compression - very few companies have sufficient bandwidth today and the one we have is mostly consumed by multimedia, IP-based calls and other demanding applications. Strong deduplication and compression reduces the amount of data that must be transmitted, and take up less space in the cloud. This reduces both the costs of transport, storage, and network traffic for 10-30 times. If the data in local memory are also subject to deduplication, it’s much more that data can be stored locally, providing faster response time to the system. deduplication are not created equal – the larger the amount of data, the higher will be the fees for their storage, so try to implement the best technology for deduplication.

4. Support for a wide range of applications and service providers in the cloud - some gateways offer web-based data blocks, the other based on the files. Products based on the files are usually faster and easier to implement and are more favorable in VMware environments and have no additional hardware requirements. When choosing a file-based goals should be noted that the goal support popular protocols, Common Internet File System (CIFS) and Network File System (NFS). It should ensure that the product fully supports the applications that will be used in the cloud. It is also advisable to check what kind of support is the supplier having in case of problems. Many companies promote the goal of limited support options offered by cloud service providers. However, it is crucial selection criterion. This allows you to avoid service in the cloud, at a time when access conditions change.

5. A wide range of solutions for today and tomorrow - some manufacturers offer both hardware and virtual gates, others offer a hardware or virtualized applications only. Virtual solutions are well suited for smaller environments, remote offices, and can be considered as a cost-effective solution for data recovery in fully managed data center services. Please note that virtual applications require knowledge of VMware or other supervisors to install and manage a goal.

Cloud Storage allow enterprises to more efficiently protect and recover data while leveraging the advantages of the public cloud. As a result, IT administrators spend less time on mundane tasks and can focus their efforts on other more important projects and growth of the company.

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