Monday, 18 November 2013

Analytical solutions and challenge of Big Data

In 2013, the law that regulates and sets standards on general service Customer Service - Customer Service by phone completed four years, changing, once and for all, the routine work of the companies that provide call centers service. Social networks and the rapid growth of information in the database of companies have made this scenario analysis of relevant information across channels, became even more difficult for businesses. Given the complex situation, companies face the new challenge with only one certainty: The Big Data is here to stay.

Successful exploitation of Big Data in managed data centers is strongly linked to objective results that the company wants to achieve, what data sources you want to use, and especially the potential of the tools of analysis of available information. Therefore, currently the biggest challenge is to understand what tools companies can, in fact, not only exposing information in various formats such as integrating data from multiple sources and present useful conclusions within the context of business.

With the high volume of information collected, the differential of each company is its ability to leverage the data and make them "smart". As more organizations adopt analytical data on which they base their decisions and actions, we also see a growing movement exponential companies for the purpose of entering this market and ensure its survival. Everything indicates that in the very near future, the adoption of a technology analysis of this information will be a standard tool in the implementation of call centers, as today is the recording and retention of interactions.

Even with all market frenzy around Big Data, its implementation process is happening gradually. There is still uncertainty as to the expected results. The strategy involves investments that require full support of the executive leadership of the organization. It is a time when companies have understood where and how to exploit the information so they can get the maximum return on data.

This year, companies start looking at the strategic move of its competitors. And this period will surely set the planning of investments in this area and, in parallel, the analytical solutions strengthen the recognition of important instruments for transformation of data into strategic information for companies.

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