Friday, 4 October 2013

Root Access with Dedicated Servers

All the web hosting packages offered by different hosting providers have different features which determine the capability the hosting package and the kind of tasks you can perform with the web hosting package. These hosting packages are different in terms of features and hence vary in terms of pricing too. It is obvious that the more you spend on your hosting package, the better you will get. There are hosting packages which are shared and setup on the same server and there are hosting packages which are shared but offer the same capabilities as dedicated server hosting, however, the benefits and features offered with the dedicated servers cannot be compared with any other hosting package available.

One of the worthy features offered with dedicated servers is the allotment of all the resources of the server to the applications and websites you host on the server which ensures maximum availability and reliability of websites and applications. Due to this lucidity, dedicated servers are considered to be the best hosting solutions available. However, this is not  the only difference between other hosting packages and Dedicated Server Hosting.

Dedicated web hosting is offered with root access which is actually administrator level access to the dedicated server which offers you the kind of control you have on your local machine i.e. the ability to manage dedicated server hosting on your own. There are many advantages of getting root administrator access to the Dedicated Servers and some of which are given below:

1. Ability to host multiple websites on the server easily.

2. Ability to install and configure various 3rd party applications which are required by the websites or the server for better performance or any other reason.

3. Installing and configuring games on your websites which makes it possible for you to use your server as game server hosting.

4. Ability to add and modify websites and applications as per requirements.

As root access is available with dedicated server hosting, you can see it as a local computer on which you have administrator level access which allows you to perform the tasks you need.

Most of the hosting providers in the hosting industry who do provide dedicated web hosting offer it with 2 operating systems which are widely preferred and these are Linux and Windows. These operating systems have different interface and hence are provided with different features. Hence, the process of logging into the Dedicated Servers is different on Linux dedicated server as well as Windows dedicated server. The process is given below :

Linux Dedicated Servers :

Dedicated servers provided for Linux operating system have to be accessed by establishing an SSH connection to your server using the login details provided and the IP address provided with the server. For establishing an SSH connection, it is possible for you to use any of the SSH client available, however, before you do that, it is better to consider with the hosting provider.

Windows Dedicated Servers :

In order to access Dedicated Web Hosting based on Windows, you have to use Remote Desktop Protocol which is also known as RDP. The username used for logging in is generally setup as Administrator and the password provided is to be used with the IP address assigned to the Windows dedicated server.

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