Wednesday, 29 May 2013

IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service And PaaS - Platform as a Service

In the West, cloud computing is not new and has been used for a long time. In India outsourcing infrastructure is starting to develop. However, in the near future movement toward cloud computing is inevitable. In the future, a very different approaches to the organization of IT - infrastructure - cloud computing will be used.

To date, there are three models of cloud services: IaaS, SaaS and PaaS. The term cloud computing refers to the provision of end-user remote access to the leased computing power via the Internet. Such outsourcing infrastructure will allow the user to ignore the hardware, installed software, tech-support, etc. 

Channel Leasing allows companies to expand the functionality of cloud hosting, merge subsidiaries and create a network of IT infrastructure.

IaaS - Infrastructure Outsourcing

IaaS (Infrastructure as A Service) - is required to provide on request of the consumer dynamic resources (computing and storage), virtual servers, network infrastructure, remote workstations based on the concept of cloud computing. IaaS allows you to optimize the use of leased facilities.

If in the past, for different equipment - required different software, the modern technology of virtualization infrastructure (in this case IaaS) allow you to implement all the functionality on a single platform, which allows outsourcing business units for the necessary IT infrastructure.

IaaS allows to avoid demanding client, network, IT-infrastructure, infrastructure data. With outsourcing infrastructure IaaS, you get rid of unnecessary expenses.

For the customer, technology IaaS is as follows: there is no purchase of specific equipment and the server time, bandwidth network channels and disk space. The concept of IaaS allows you to buy exactly the capacity that are needed for a particular web-application.

PaaS - Platform-as-a-Service

PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) provides a non-virtual machine, and the specific platform. The software platform as a service offering software developers design tools and runtime code. PaaS is mainly used by software developers as well as the platform itself is focused on a single technology stack, including programming languages, libraries, collections, etc. Most often used for PaaS development of web-applications.

PaaS in the first place is scalable - the liberation of the individual resources needed to serve a certain number of users. In addition, PaaS peculiar traits such as high reliability and safety. Thanks to the concept of PaaS, developers have provided a solid platform on which to create a web-enabled application security network traffic, the possibility of hiding the customer data, source code, etc.

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