Tuesday, 29 January 2013

VPS Hosting Servers With OpenVZ

Since long ago, hosting providers are making use of different storage technologies for Internet sites and they have taken advantage of various resources through virtualization solutions. According to market the most used are OpenVZ, Xen or KVM. These technologies have become more accessible using Virtual Private Servers or as it is commonly called by people, VPS Hosting Server.

For Open VZ, it is a free operating system for virtualization that allows us to generate VPS Servers Free because it is a open source.

Speaking of costs, well, free VPS Hosting servers do not exist because I have to carry the costs of the primary node or container to store all VPS, you can make free calls as OpenVZ does not charge for the number of servers, as usual with any virtualization systems that use a certain amount of license for VPS.

The range of wide providers in turn corresponds to a great solution for medium-sized projects, which measures the magnitude of our Internet usage needs.

The great advantage of this type of service is that you can have a hardware segment of a dedicated server (node or container) by adjusting only the service to our hardware requirements, memory and processing without spending more than what is required.

It also allows to have access as super user or administrator (depending on the operating system is installed), another advantage is that the application itself has a VPS administration panel that enables handling like a physical machine as We can reconfigure, change passwords and make endless configurations without relying hosting provider.

Another advantage is that it has its own IP's for its operation, which allows a resolution of unique hosting because it does not rely on other users to work with IP's, this favors us because as users of such service, control the fact that we can put on blacklists for mailing.

The only limitation that can be considered in this respect is that, when the physical hardware virtualisation share with other users, virtualization clear that everyone is responsible for their service as separate resources through the application that configures the server, after all the VPS Servers are a perfect solution in cost and service benefits.

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